Retail sales
The Townsville Dancewear Centre will provide a comprehensive selection of the best Ballet, Modern/Jazz & Tap and Highland dancewear

The need for all students of dance to have the best dancewear available has always been foremost in Robyn's and Doug's minds. This led to the formation of The Townsville Dancewear Centre in 1975.

Word quickly spread throughout the North and with the introduction of a special truck, fitted as a mobile shop, Doug Gilchrist could be seen supplying and fitting specialized dance and footwear to the adjacent towns to the North, South and West of Townsville.Modern technology soon replaced this mobile retail showroom; however, all the modern dancewear was still available from their dedicated retail outlet next door to the dance studio.

Everything you need to look and feel the part when participating in our dance classes and events is available

From here all of the professional gear was made available and the team of dance professionals could personally fit all dancewear.

Our dance shoes, especially point shoes, when fitted by our staff cannot be surpassed for quality. Leotards can be made to order whether for costume, skating or gymnastics.

Tights are also our specialty for all dance and skating while tutu's and costuming accessories including sequins, braids and motifs will complete any outfit.



Insist on the best!
All ages can now experience the art of dance right here at Townsville’s premier dance studio
Students are trained using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus including character and free movement
Students are thoroughly trained in VSDA syllabus and the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing
Modern & Jazz
Students are taught interactive skills and techniques to the ADA syllabus
Students are taught interactive skills and techniques of the ADA syllabus
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